Greater control over your home

Forget traditional on-off, set-and-hope air conditioning, iZone Smart Air Conditioning gives you greater control from anywhere, anytime for greater efficiency and savings.

With wireless wall sensors, iZone monitors and maintains the temperature in real time, in every room, automatically adjusting the airflow when each room hits your ideal temperature, maintained to within 1.0 degrees.

With iZone, you can have up to 12 touchscreen controllers and/or 14 sensors or zones, so you can set temperatures on a room-by-room basis. Pick a room, pick a temperature.

smart home system wall mount image

iZone Nexus +

Wall mounted smart home system

iZone Nexus

Smart Home System Control Unit 3

iZone Nano

izone App download Perth

iZone Naked

Smart Home Control unit 2

iZone Smart Switches

Smart Home Control Unit

iZone iSense Controllers

Light Switch Image

iZone Wireless Sensors

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