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iZone 3D DC synchronous inverter technology provides rapid cool-down or warm-up to your perfect temperature sooner.

External Units

izone smart ducted reverse cycle aircon

Internal Units

reverse cycle aircon

Longer coil life with Gold Fin Technology

iZone’s outdoor units come standard with Gold Fin technology.  The benefits of the application of a golden hydrophilic coating applied to the condenser coil, include

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No leaks, no wasted dollars

iZone’s patented clip-in spigot and damper system prevents air leakage in the same way as the seal on your fridge door. Every spigot or clip-in damper fitted to iZone’s air network terminals are sealed with foam gaskets to ensure a 100% air-tight seal.

Our R1.5 rated air network terminals are cut to precision on a CNC machine, bonded with commercial grade adhesive, and finally vapour-sealed with reinforced aluminium tape for added strength.

That’s unique. It means we can guarantee no air leaks. And a leak-free air-conditioning system is as efficient and economical as it can be.

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