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Climate Changers

Climate Changers is a Family owned and operated local business, we offer a personal experience from start to finish ensuring your needs and expectations are met

We are Perth’s premier Air Conditioning supply and installation specialists. Climate Changers – supplies, installs, services and repairs air conditioners in Perth to create comfortable climates to live and work in, whilst using energy efficient products and techniques that not only have a small environmental impact, but also greatly reduce your energy costs.

At Climate Changers we believe that clients still prefer to be treated like people, not invoice numbers. Your invitation to create a quote means that we have the opportunity to create for you a precision comfort climate to live in. 

Our Team

At Climate Changers, our sales consultants are climate specialists.

The person who you will be speaking to, is not a person simply attempting to make targets for their commission sake, they are trained air conditioning and climate specialists with a passion to ensure your climate is precise and comfortable all year round. Their aim is to create an environment of precision comfort!

You will be able to ask the difficult technical questions of them and know you are getting the right answer in return.


70% of our business proudly comes from referrals, our clients who are more than happy to recommend us. See what our clients say…

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